Limerick Youth Service Pride 2022 celebrates the LGBTQI+ youth community

Limerick Youth Service Pride 2022 celebrates the LGBTQI+ youth community

Limerick Youth Service Pride 2022 – An Garda Siochana’s Pride Car stopped by LYS’ Northside Youth Space as part of Pride 2021 and proved to be a big hit!

Limerick’s Youth Celebrate Pride 2022

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Young people can chat virtual with a Youth Information Officer about Pride events and find out more about LGTBQI+ related information and supports.

Limerick Youth Service Pride 2022 is a celebration of the LGBTQI+ youth community, a drop-in information afternoon, a sexual health workshop and the annual Pride Youth Party,  are all part of a busy week of events as Limerick Youth Service and GOSHH celebrates Pride 2022.

Organised by members of the LGBTQI+ Youth Group, the Limerick Youth Service Pride 2022 week promises to be a colourful affair with music, games, art and plenty of colour!

‘We are all looking forward to what promises to be a very enjoyable and action-packed week,’ said Cathy Barry, LYS.

‘The young people have been very busy organising the week and after the challenges of the past two years, are looking forward to celebrating in person,’ said youth worker Cathy.

While the Covid-19 pandemic and the various restrictions effected the general population, it was quite challenging for LGBTQI+ young people, particularly those who had not ‘come out.’

‘There were some LGBTQI+ young people, who had to hide their true selves or couldn’t meet up with friends (due to the restrictions) and this certainly effected their mental health,’ said Cathy.

Part of the wider Limerick Pride Festival, the Pride youth events are open to all young people regardless of gender, ethnicity or sexual orientation with full details available below:

Pride Youth Festival 2022

Ø  Drop In Youth Café

o   Teenagers are invited to find out more about the opportunities for LGBT+ at Limerick Youth Service, from youth clubs and groups to educational courses and mental health supports

o   Venue: Lava Javas Youth Café, 5 Lr. Glentworth St, Limerick

o   Note: register via Eventbrite with parental/guardian consent required

o   Tuesday, July 5th (2-4pm)

Ø  Sexual Health Workshop for Teenagers Young People

o   Delivered by GOSSH, this workshop will include a discussion on positive sexual health, contraception including a condom demonstration and information of sexually transmitted disease s.

o   Venue: Limerick Youth Service, 5 Lr. Glentworth St, Limerick

o   Thursday, July 7th (2-4pm)

o   Register via Eventbrite

Ø  Pride Youth Party

o   Celebrate this year’s Pride with colour, music, art and lots more!

o   Venue, Lava Javas Youth Café, 5 Lr. Glentworth St, Limerick

o   Friday, July 8th (2-6pm)

o   Ages: 14-19yrs

Ø  Pride Pre-Parade Party

o   Prepare for this year’s Pride Parade as we make banners, bunting, facepainting and more!

o   Venue: Lava Javas Youth Café, 5 Lr. Glentworth St, Limerick

o   Saturday, July 9th (11am-3pm)

o   Ages: 14-19yrs)

Ø  LGBTQI+ Chat Service 

o   LYS Youth Information Centre will be available throughouth the week where young people can speak with Youth information Officer about coming-out, accessing support, use of words & more

o   Venue: Online via HERE

o   Weekdays 4-8pm 

Ø  LYS Goes all Colours of the Rainbow

o   LYS Youth Spaces will be awash with the colours throughout Pride with a workshop and information sessions focusing on LGTBQI+ related topics

For information on the Pride youth events please contact Cathy at cathy.barry@limerickyouthservice or call/text 087-3508572.

LGBT+ Youth Limerick is a partnership between LYS and GOSHH and is a group where LGBTQI+ young people can spend time, meet friends and access support and guidance.

The group has been to the fore in supporting young people who identify as LGBTQI+ and engages with parents and family members.

‘Although attitudes have changed there are still young people for whom ‘coming out’ can be a lonely and tough place and that is where our group helps,’ said Cathy.

The group meet weekly at LYS where LGBTQI+ young people can meet friends or access support and information on issues such as sexuality and gender.

A member of Youth Work Ireland and the Irish Association of Community Training Centre Organisations, LYS remains committed to connecting with young people and supporting them to reach their full potential.

GOSHH-Gender Orientation Sexual Health HIV ensures that the mental, emotional, physical and social well-being of everyone is promoted and sexual rights are respected, protected and fulfilled.

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