Since its original creation in 2008, the Limerick Pride heart logo has been maintained in various forms with the current logo designed by Aladdin Kishk being revealed in 2015.

2008 – 2013


the Limerick Pride logo in some of its various incarnations since 2008. Richard Lynch designed the ‘I Love limerick.com’ branding as Limerick Pride was called in 2008 to make it a socially integrative Festival.

This clever marketing tool encouraged mainstream acceptance of the festival and brought it into the annual social calendar spotlight where Pride continues to thrive.

Since 2008, the heart logo has been maintained in various forms, being redesigned again in 2009, 2010 and 2011. Steve Murray brought a radical new multicolour design in 2010 which visually paid homage to the source design while also embracing the need to reflect that the community consists of various diverse groups unified by Pride.

For 2013 a visual rebrand of the entire festival was carried out by Evan Kennedy and Steve Murray that would essentially retrofit and reboot the festival as its own brand moving forward. The 2013 logo is dominated by the Rainbow Heart as it is a universal symbol for Love. The rainbow colours signify the LGBTQ community at the heart of the international Pride movement for Equality. The multicolour is reflective of the diversity within our community. The surrounding OVAL is not a perfect circle as we are not always agreed yet we come together to Celebrate each year in the continued struggle for LGBTQ rights.

The Heart logo as it stands can be used on any background colour or image. For 2013 it was displayed on pink to highlight the #PINKPARADE and because of the continued negative association of the colour pink as a cultural signifier of a ‘weaker’ gender or ‘lesser’ sexual orientation. The font used for text is ‘Keep Calm’ which is available to download for free.


Limerick Pride logo 2014 by Richard Lynch & Aladdin Kishk

In 2014,  Richard Lynch enlisted graphic designer Aladdin Kishk to help and redesign the logo and they made it a 3D multicoloured visual rainbow.

Limerick Pride logo 2015 by Aladdin Kishk