Limerick Pride podcast will highlight the lives of LGBT people of all backgrounds

Limerick Pride podcast will highlight the lives of LGBT people of all backgrounds

Limerick Pride Podcast – The new podcast series will commence on Sunday, June 6, 2021, and will be hosted by Ronan Dunne 

Limerick Pride podcast will highlight the lives of LGBT people of all backgrounds

Limerick Pride has just announced the establishment of their new podcast series. 

The new podcast will debut on June 6, 2021, at 8 pm. The series will cover all things LGBTQ+ Pride and will be hosted by Ronan Dunne. Since Limerick Pride only takes place once a year, the idea of the podcast is to keep all things LGBTQ+ current all year round. The podcast will take place weekly, with each week consisting of a different topic.  

Limerick Pride podcast
The podcast will take place every Sunday at 8 pm and will cover various topics

Speaking on the new podcast, Lisa Daly, chairperson of Limerick Pride said, “We are very excited to announce the Limerick Pride Podcast which Ronan Dunne who is a committee member will be the host of. We believe it will give people a chance for voices to be heard, highlight issues we still face today as a community while also giving others an insight into the lives of LGBT people of all backgrounds and diversity. We received many different types of emails from the Limerick LGBT, learned from virtual Limerick Pride 2020 with the amazing feedback and views, that we also reached a lot of people who hadn’t seen pride before for numerous reasons but loved feeling a part of it from their home. Some stories have been very heart-warming to know we played some part in making them feel proud of themselves, we hope that this gives everyone more insight into real people’s lives.   

Lisa added “Pride festival might be once a year, but Pride’s work is all year round, by having a podcast we can talk about all things Limerick LGBTQI+ related. The Limerick Pride Podcast is one of the many ways we hope to move forward with pride’s messages, many different stories, with many topics and humour added, I also believe that Limerick Pride is the first Pride in the country to do a podcast. We would like to thank Limerick City Community Radio for kindly becoming sponsors by allowing us to record the podcast in their studio, your support over the years is always appreciated.  Let’s just say the Podcast will “Spill the Tea” on everything that is asked, as no question is off-limits!”    

Limerick City Community City Radio has kindly offered one of their studios to Limerick Pride to record the podcast series and are also the kind sponsor of the new Limerick Pride Podcast Series.  

Ronan Dunne, presenter of the new podcast series said, “I’m super proud to be able to host this incredible storytelling podcast that is going to shed some light on many LGBTQI+ topics that aren’t particularly spoken about. Bringing together people of all ages and backgrounds with all unique stories from raising an LGBTQI+ Child, growing up gay in the traveller community to Queer Culture, Limerick Pride: The Podcast is a unique platform that has not been done in the city with hard-hitting, raw, honest & frank discussions to be heard from Limerick’s very own, & celebrating pride in Limerick’s own way.” 

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