Limerick Pride open meeting


Limerick Pride will hold an open meeting on Wenseday 27th May at 6.00pm venue to be confirmed. For more information email us at or contact us via our facebook page.

This is open to all members of the community and we encourage people to attend.

Limerick Pride On Social Media

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Limerick LGBTQ Pride has a presence on nearly every aspect of social media this year.

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If you are tweeting, instaing, tumbling or just posting on facebook about Pride this week don’t forget to use the hashtag #LimerickPride.

Evolution of Limerick Pride Logo Design


Above is pictured the Limerick Pride logo in some of its various incarnations since 2008. Richard Lynch designed the ‘I Love’ branding and worked with local graphic designer George Fitsgerald. Richard returned home to Limerick from New York in the latter part of the 00’s, and after taking part in the first official Pride Parade in 2007 became instrumental in launching the festival off in its current form in 2008 with the ‘I Love Limerick Pride Mardi Gras’. As ‘I Love’ rapidly became a force to be reckoned with in local media, it was necessary to establish Pride as a seperate brand visually while paying homage to its origin. Richard had embraced the concept behind the well known ‘I Love NY’brand and saw the potential for Limerick city. This clever marketing tool encouraged mainstream acceptance of the festival and brought it into the annual social calendar spotlight where Pride continues to thrive.

Since 2008, the heart logo has been maintained in various forms, being redesigned again in 2009, 2010 and 2011. Steve Murray brought a radical new multicolour design in 2010 which visually payed homage to the source design while also embracing the need to reflect that the community consists of various diverse groups unified by Pride.

For 2013 a visual rebrand of the entire festival was carried out by Evan Kennedy and Steve Murray that would essentially retrofit and reboot the festival as its own brand moving forward. The 2013 logo is dominated by the Rainbow Heart as it is a universal symbol for Love. The rainbow colours signify the LGBTQ community at the heart of the international Pride movement for Equality. The multi colour is reflective of the Diversity within our community. The surrounding OVAL is not a perfect circle as we are not always agreed yet we come together to Celebrate each year in the continued struggle for LGBTQ rights.

The Heart logo as it stands can be used on any background colour or image. For 2013 it was displayed on pink to highlight the #PINKPARADE and because of the continued negative association of the colour pink as a cultural signifier of a ‘weaker’ gender or ‘lesser’ sexual orientation. The font used for text is ‘Keep Calm’ which is available to download for free.

It is hoped that the brand which has now been successfully rolled out over the last year has helped to make the festival branding cohesive and visually consistent.

Limerick LGBTQ Pride 2013 In Photos

Every year hundreds of photos are taken by our friends and allies in Limericks LGBTQ community and uploaded to various social media websites. For the week of and after the festival our news feeds are full of posts and photos about pride but after that it can be difficult to find pictures of particular events.

That is why this year we aimed to document our festival as much as possible through photography and upload them for all to see via the pride facebook page.  The photo albums are linked below.

Pride Launch Party

Thomond Park Abseil

Pride Picnic In The Park 

Radical Faeries Drum Workshop

Pride Prayer Service

BRB: The Play

Geek Out Table Quiz

Best Practice Guidelines in working with Transgender Patients

Mr & Ms Gay Limerick

#PinkParade & Afterparty


Our thanks to Steve Murray, Evan Kennedy and Caitriona Shoer for helping to document the festival for us.

Rupaul has a message for us all.

Limerick LGBTQ Pride Festival Guide

The annual Limerick LGBTQ Pride festival is on its way. TEN days of ACTION for Equality, Love, Diversity and Celebration begin on August 30th and conclude on September 8th 2013. This year the festival is highlighting the Marriage Equality campaign and is urging LGBTQ people, their families, friends and supporters to wear pink to the parade on September 7th in Limerick. Limerick hopes to get the #PINKPARADE trending on twitter and to create national headlines as we unite to send a clear message of support for the freedom to Love to the Government as they return to the Dail after the Summer break. As we go to Press we are spurred into action to stand up against the encroaching homophobia in Russia and the Global need for Unity within the LGBTQ Pride movement, and to say with a clear voice that there is no place for hate in Ireland. Limerick city is an accepting and open place with a wealth of amenities, but none so vital as its people. As a city we are a mass of contradictions but united in our ability to come together for the greater good. More importantly we know how to throw a party!

Visitors to Limerick may be surprised at the lack of a Gay bar, however LGBTQ people are found everywhere and socialise in an integrated way in many of the hotspots dotted around the city. While officially designated a city, being the third largest in Ireland, we still treat it and refer to it as a town. There are bars and clubs to cater for every taste, and quality entertainment, unique art, food, festivals, sport, theatre and spectacle to be found if you know where to look!

Check out for details on where to stay, eat and what to do.